Year: 2018
Location: Madrid, SP

Materials: Solid olive wood
Manufacturer: Self-produced
Edition: Prototype *Sold out

Does the shape of an object needs to dictate its possible use?

Viernes por la tarde is not a stool but can be sat on, is either a side table but you can place something on top; this non-defined item serves different purposes depending on the context and its form does not pre-dictate its possible role.

This object has been made with olive wood coming from the annual pruning of the olive tree, this type of wood is normally overlooked by the wood processing industry due to its irregular shape. In Andalucía - a region on the south of Spain that produces 1/3 of the entire olive oil´s world production - is mostly used as wood fire.

This is the first step of an ongoing project that investigates the potential applications of discarded materials from the olive oil industry in Mediterranean countries.

The project was launched at Espacio Báltico during the first edition of Madrid Design Festival

Viernes por la tarde

Viernes por la tarde

Viernes por la tarde